The Greatest City Ever Built – 5 Reasons why to visit Rome

 5 Reasons why to visit Rome

While living in Milan a few years ago, I was lucky enough to befriend a photographer/architect that was living in Rome and when he invited me to come stay with him for a few days to shoot an editorial. As if I needed more reasons why to visit Rome, a high fashion weekend away had me beaming!


Even with high hopes, and spending most nights sleeping on my friends apartment/gallery/bar’s floor, Rome blew all my expectations out of the water. On my first visit I spent four days running around the city in borrowed Prada suits with my friend and a community of creatives ranging from photographers, models, artists, cinematographers and a couple of highly educated tour guides, most of which were transplants from places like California, Spain, or England.

The reasons to visit Rome are endless but heres a few to start you off.


1.Rome was built by men raised by wolved.

That makes the city around 3000 years old and one of the oldest, constantly populated cities in the world. Roman legend says that Romulus had a twin brother called Remus. As babies they were abandoned in the area which later became Rome. Legend says that a she-wolf found the boys and raised them as her own. Later Romulus fought and killed his brother and became the first leader of Rome. Thats right, the city was founded by a man that was raised by wolves and killed his own brother. Do I really need to continue this list?


2. The Trevi Fountain

 Standing at 85 feet tall and almost 65 feet wide the Trevi spills about 2,824,800 cubic feet of water daily. In 1730 Pope Clemens XII held a contest to design a new fountain. Nicola Salvi won the rights to design the fountain, but some theories suggest he wasn’t the first choice, but one of the cheapest. Legend says if you toss a coin into the fountain, one day you will return to Rome. On average a few thousand euros are swept up from the Trevi Fountain and donated to charity daily.


3. The Colosseum

 Next on the list of reasons to visit Rome is a pretty obvious one. You can still see the original name on the Colosseum, “Amphitheatrum Flavium” etched into main entrance. The massive amphitheater was the first of its kind. Designed to hold nearly all of Rome’s citizens. A massive earthquake in 847 collapsed a giant portion of the southern side, yet its beauty remains. Emperor Titus held the first games in 80ad. Lasting for 100 days, in which time over 3000 gladiators fought to the death.


4. Obelisks of Rome

Probably one of the most crazy power moves in history was the taking and relocating of the Obelisks of Rome from Egypt. In 30BC, after conquering Egypt, Augustus brought Heliopolis to Rome. The obelisks serve as a tribute to the Pharaohs Rameses II and Psammetichus II. After moving 1500 miles across the Mediterranean Sea the columns finally settled into Rome’s city limits where 13 of the statues still stand throughout Rome today.


5. The Vatican

Last on the list of reasons to visit Rome is the Vatican. The Bishop of Rome A.k.a. The pope is ruler of all of Vatican City. From the beginning every Pope has had his part in decorating the place. Its now filled with art pieces and sculptures by Michelangelo and others of great caliber. Vatican City is a symbol of the Catholic religion and loved by many followers of the faith. The Popes even loved the city so much they refused to leave for 60 years in the 1800s. Furthermore, if you can deal with the constant lines and tourists, its definitely worth checking out or at the very least mailing yourself a postcard with Vatican City postal marks.

Hopefully our reasons to visit Rome inspired you to check it out!

Resources for traveling in Rome

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  1. Not to mention the fact that Rome is having a hard time maintaining the ruins due to money. Luckily, private donars are contributing, including many designers. It is at the top of my list and I WILL get there some day!

  2. Hi….I’ve been to all those places in Rome but did not know about the raised by wolves part, which is a u2 song out now. I went on a tour through Italy. I danced the nights away in Rome and met Italian men in piazza de nova . Did I get that right? You sound like you have an interesting life. Lucky! Well I will be following you on your journey.

      1. Yea going to unknown night clubs with men who don’t speak much English….risky but fun. Florence was fun too. I was amazed at how the men had blonde hair and blue eyes. Ah the 20s…..

          1. Yea I remember we couldn’t find our ride and we were literally walking the streets of Rome at 3 in the morning! And we had no idea how to get back to our hotel but somehow we made it back.

          2. Ah yea, I had a few nights like that in Milan, out with other models drinking late then realize I had no idea where we ended up or who we were with.. A little less risky for. 6’3 guy who works out for a living though, although I did learn that sexual assault goes both ways while get aggressively groped by a group of girls at a club who seem to think I was a meal ticket.

  3. I fell in love with the Colosseum in particular; so much blood and history! And I especially loved how the Trevi Fountain is just down some random back alley… So you’re wandering… wandering, and suddenly “WOAH! The most famous fountain in the world!” 😀

    1. i first saw the colosseum at night, i made my friend take me their the second my train arrive i made him take me. luckily it was only about 3 blocks from his place but even at night i was instantly in love!

    1. Definitely dedicate nearly a whole day to the Vatican, especially if you’re into amazing art and history that’s been preserved amazingly! But to see all of Rome and really see it you need to spend at lest a week! It’s huge and incredible!

  4. Great incite and reasons to visit. Rome has been on my “to-do” list for some time – and I will get there. Your information and photos are great! I have always loved Rome and the history there and have been attracted to it ever since I can remember. Thank you for such a great post! Cheers!

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