Travel Friends- Greta and the Valley of Fire

Greta and the Valley of Fire

Our first ever Featured Travel Friend goes out to Greta Ruekgauer and her trip to Valley Of Fire!


Great shot from @gretakatte of her trip on the Fire Wave trail in Valley of Fire State Park.

The State park in Nevada is filled with incredible red and white striped sand stone formations, making it a truly unique hike.

Fire Wave Trail doesn’t appear on some of the park maps in Valley of Fire State Park. Begin from Parking Lot #3, the final parking area on White Domes Road before it ends by White Domes Trail. Across the parking lot is a sign for the start of the trail.

The trail is an easy 1.5 mile loop where you slowly gain about 175 ft of elevation. It’s a great trail for families or hikers wanting to take it easy.

Thank you for the submission @gretakatte !

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