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Hi friends! My name is Brandon Tobiassen. Im just a normal dude with an obsession for travel and living a fulfilled life.

Skydiving in southern California.

I’ll start off by letting you know I am not a “professional” anything, in fact I kind of loathe the word “professional” in general. Im not a professional blogger, Im definitely not a professional photographer or a professional writer. 

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Helping a Thai monk practice his english while he showed me around his Wat.

I am just a guy who had some luck and fell into a life that has granted me many amazing opportunities to travel and experience some truly once in a lifetime moments. 

Hiking in my current home base in the Pacific Northwest.

Banff National Forest in Alberta, Canada.

  My obsession with traveling started out at a young age. I was raised in a small town in Northern California. The town is great but its small size left little to my imagination. My family would often take road trips to the coast and drive through other small towns all along the way. I remember staring out of the car window as we passed though. Even though these towns were almost identical to my own, I couldn’t peel my eyes away from every detail of these places. I wanted to see everything, I wanted to turn down every back road and see every old barn or funky painted house.

Yosemite valley

Golden Mountain, Bangkok Thailand.

I was obsessed with knowing what was out there, and that obsession has only grown stronger over the years. Right out of high school I moved to Los Angeles with some friends, whats better for a change of scenery than going from a small town in the mountains to the biggest city on the West Coast, right? Right!

After a couple years of “adventuring” (partying) in Los Angeles, I was presented with the opportunity to model professionally (theres that nasty word again.) After some time I began to book bigger and bigger campaigns and eventually was offered a chance to travel to Milan, Italy to live and work for a few months.

Duomo Cathedral in Milan


It was during this trip that I fully came to terms with my obsession to travel. Most of my time in Milan was spent wandering the streets and exploring old churches. I began taking weekend train trips to anywhere I could afford, eventually literally spending my last euros on one last trip to Rome before my departure.

Berlin, Germany

Gothic Basin, Northern Washington.

While living in Italy I made friends with fellow models from around the world. These connections only strengthened my reasonings for wanting to travel. After over three months in Milan I returned to Los Angeles but my mind was still traveling constantly. I began fantasizing of returning to Italy or visiting friends in London, seeing Asia.

I received a Sak Yant (sacred tattoo) while in Thailand

Since my stay in Italy I have traveled every chance I get. I love learning about unknown places and cultures and I cant imagine I will ever lose that part of me. I lust for whats around the next turn, over the next peak, under the next rock.

Sunset in Puerto Rico

Now I spend hours upon hours scouring the internet, planning real and fantasy trips for my girlfriend and I. We plan to eventually take a year off of our stationary lives to hit the road full time. For now I am here to share what I have learned with anyone looking to learn.

Lake Como, Italy

Always Departing is a platform to share my knowledge of all things travel. From booking flights, to finding the cheapest hotels, even beginner tips for those who have dreams but are unsure of where to even start.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Ive put together this site to help you with whatever your travel desires may be. Whether you want a luxury trip to Paris or a hostel stay in Bangkok, we have you covered. We plan to provide tips and traveling hacks, product reviews and destination highlights.

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