Featured Travel Friends – Amtul visits Horseshoe Bend

Amtul visits Horseshoe Bend Great shot from our friend @amtulbaweja of her trip to Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. Located outside of Page, Arizona, Horseshoe Bend is an iconic part of the Colorado River system. The colors of the rocks change […]

Travel Friends- Greta and the Valley of Fire

Greta and the Valley of Fire Our first ever Featured Travel Friend goes out to Greta Ruekgauer and her trip to Valley Of Fire!   Great shot from @gretakatte of her trip on the Fire Wave trail in Valley of […]

2000 Years Of Mystery Buried In The Sand – Petra, Jordan

2000 Years Of Mystery Buried In The Sand – Petra, Jordan Looking at Petra is looking through a sandy hour glass of time. One of the most mysterious cities known to man, Petra’s history is full of mirages and hidden paths. […]

Bourdain Market : All You Need to Know About Anthony Bourdains Newest Project

After all of the success of his travel shows and books, Bourdain is taking on a new $60 M challenge and bringing New York City the ultimate worldly restaurant. He plans to hand pick his favorite dishes from all corners of the globe, and offer them to the public at what he is calling Bourdain Market.

Video: Five Days of Thailand

As soon as my feet touched the ground at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand I was technically a year older than when I had taken off from Los Angeles International. When I decided to spend my birthday in Thailand it was on a well researched whim, but it paid off incredibly and even though I only spent five days in central and northern Thailand I tried to make the most of my it. The country of smiles has been on my list for a few years now, so with a few saved paychecks I booked my flight a couple months in advanced and then started to really research.

10. Reasons you need to visit Thailand

Thailand is a mecca for backpackers and tourists throughout southeast asia with endless reasons to visit and experience this beautiful country, we have put together some of our favorites in this list of 10 reasons you need to visit Thailand.